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What are Mega Projects?

Mega Projects are projects that consist of several projects that are being developed together. This can be in any industry and in different fields. Mega Projects in the property industry usually involve a number of different projects coordinated and forming one large project.

Typical mega project would be something like building a new town or a new area. This could involve developing:

  • A large number of various residential units (a project in its own right) and also schools (another project in its own right), together with retail (which could be another project), etc.
  • Building and developing various other facilities,
  • Urban farming (and intensive farming too),
  • Industrial park (project on its own),
  • Upskilling and training,
  • Large infrastructure (another project on its own) which would normally include building a brand-new electrical substation and maybe a water tower,
  • Renewable energies capacities like a solar farm (project on its own); Greywater and effluent treatment, etc.
  • Fibre & ICT, internet connectivity and WIFI
  • Smart lighting and smart infrastructure
  • And so on.

All the above forms part of one Mega Project. Each project within the Mega Project is independent, yet interdependent with the rest of the Mega Project (and with the other projects within that Mega Project).

Human Settlements Mega Projects means that the Mega Project is approved by human Settlements and is of a certain size.

In order to The Department to consider a mega Project, it needs to be 10 000 residential units and bigger. Such new settlements need to include all the facilities and amenities a new community would need: schools, retail, creation of jobs, involving the community in the building and delivering the units and so on.

The Department wants sustainable and integrated projects that will enable the community to grow and be uplifting and empowering.

How big are Mega Projects?

In order for the project to be enrolled and nominated for the Mega Projects, it needs to yield at least 10 000 residential units. These units need to be of different typologies, sizes, price range and specifications meeting different market segments – i.e. RDP housing, GAP and Affordable Housing, Walkup apartments, and so on.

In order to make these project “live, work & play” while this large number of units, it also means that all the infrastructure, as well as social amenities, are part of the project – churches, schools, daycare and crashes, retail, industrial, commercial, sports facilities and so on.

The size of Mega Projects is in size anything from 10 000 units right up to 70 000 units. In terms of monetary value, Mega Projects start at around R5 Bill and up.

With this size, the Mega Projects take years to prepare and obtain the rights and zoning in place, and take years to execute and deliver the housing, infrastructure and amenities.

Who belongs to the Association?

The Mega Project Developers Association of South Africa is for the Mega Project Developers by the Developers. It is a platform for Developers to communicate and convene.

In order to qualify to belong to the association, the developer needs to be doing at least one Mega Project in conjunction with Human Settlements or a project of equivalent size – project value of R 10 Bill or more. This includes the developers as well as its company shareholders

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