About Us 2

Mega Projects property developers and investors

[q_team type=”info_description_below_image” disable_hover=”yes” team_social_icon_1=”” team_social_icon_1_target=”_blank” team_social_icon_2=”” team_social_icon_3=”” team_social_icon_4=”” team_social_icon_5=”” team_image=”158″ team_name=”Slaven Gajović” team_description=”The founder of Mega Projects Developers association of South Africa, Mr Slaven Gajovich has been in real estate investments and developments since 1993. Today, he enjoys a large network of professionals and Mega Project Developers colleagues with whom he collaborates on a number of projects and aspects thereof.

Slaven is a member of ARIOBEX and Dan Tloome Mega Project and is the founder and CEO of the property group with interests in Mega Projects and property developments, Renewable and Green energies and infrastructure, ICT and smart metering, monitoring and Telecoms”][qode_advanced_call_to_action icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-link” cta_text=”Learn more about Slaven” cta_link=”https://slavengajovic.com”]